School: Dennmore

Dennmore or Legganden, Co. Cavan
Harriet Heaslip

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Archival Reference

The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0977, Page 167

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When I was young they did me cut and in a hole they did me put.
I was scarce three months old and they came to look for me right bold.
With iron and wood they did me turn.
With fire and water they did me burn.
Then they stripped me off my skin and found a hole to put me in?
A Potato.

We are four sisters tall and slender
when we work we work together.
The work we do is very good and in it no man can find his food yet it is filled with flesh and blood?
Knitting needles.
In the garden was laid a most beautiful maid that 'er was seen in the morn and she died before she was born?
Who was it that was born before his father, died before his mother and was buried in the bowels of his grandmother?