School: Coill na Leac

Kilnaleck, Co. Cavan
P. Mac Geibheannaigh

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Coill na Leac | The Schools’ Collection

Archival Reference

The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0976, Page 081

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There is an old graveyard in Urney which is about three hundred and fifty years of age. It is situated beside the river Erne and a short distance from the road leading from Butlersbridge to Killeshandra, Co Cavan. There is an old lane leading from the road to the graveyard. The graveyard is rectangular in shape. There is a stone wall around it. There is an iron gate as an entrance. There are a lot of tomb-stones and graves. The old tombs which are hundreds of years of age, and it is impossible to read them. There are some old ones and the dates can be read back to the days of Cromwell. There are some of the tombs made of stone, and some of wood, and more of marble. There are two or three priests buried there. There was once a chapel where the cemetery now is. There are still to be seen a flight of steps which were supposed to lead to a gallery. The walls are over grown with ivy.

Christmas comes but once a year and when it comes the people are very busy, decorating their houses with holly, in honour and commemoration of Our Lord's birth. Almost all of the people white-wash

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Bridget Newman
Derrylina, Co. Cavan