School: Coill na Leac

Kilnaleck, Co. Cavan
P. Mac Geibheannaigh

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Archival Reference

The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0976, Page 003

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A long time ago a young man sold himself to the devil, and promised to him that he would go to hell with him, whenever he would come for him. One fine day the devil came with a long (time) bag and put the man into it, put him upon his back and started off for hell. Every house he passed he listened to hear if there was any rows going on. As he passed by a house, he heard a big row so he left down the bag and went in to tempt them to sin. When he was in the house a man came down the road. He hit the bag a kick and asked who was that, its me said the man in the bag. "What in earth has you there" asked the man. "Ah I sold myself to the devil, and I have to go to hell now. Get out as quick as you can and away with you, so he did. The man had a large bulldog with him. Then he put the bulldog into the bag and left it on the road in the same way. So the devil came out after some time, lifted his bag started off for hell. As he reached it all the devils met him at the door, so he left down his bag in wonderful delight and opened it. Then out came the big dog and started to eat all the devils, so they said they would never buy another Catholic any more.

Rose Boyle
Philip Boyle
Derrylina, Co. Cavan