School: Cavan (1)

Cavan, Co. Cavan
S. Ní Chiaráin

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The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0975, Page 156

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I live on my father's farm in Drummullig which is between Butler's bridge and Cavan. There is a fairy fort on our farm and four others in our district. They are called forts. There are two in the townland of Drummullig, one in Rahulton and two in Deredis. They are not all within view of each other, but from one fort in Drummullig you can see the surrounding four forts. They are circular in shape, with a fence of trees and earth around each. There is no entrance hole in the centre, but there are two entrances in each, one opposite the other. There is also a moat around the fort on our farm. They are supposed to have been built by the Irish, when the Danes invaded Ireland. Fairy people were supposed to live in them. The owners of the land where the forts are never interfere with them when ploughing or planting crops nor will any one cut down or interfere with the trees surround-

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George Tilson
Drummullig, Co. Cavan