School: Cavan (1)

Cavan, Co. Cavan
S. Ní Chiaráin

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Cavan (1) | The Schools’ Collection

Archival Reference

The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0975, Page 149

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If the waters of a lake ripple it is a sign of rain.

If a cat puts her paw to the back of her ear it is a sign of rain.
If a crook gets damps it is a sign of rain.

If farm animals have their back to a hedge.
When you hear the curlews whistle.
If the wall of a house is damp.
When a cat scrapes a stick.
If a dog bites its nails.
If the sky is red in the morning.
When a lot of crows cluster together.
When flies are on a pond.
When mist is on a mountain.
When the wind blows from Ballinah.

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Norman Cinnamond