School: Drumkerl

Drumkerril, Co. Cavan
Ml. Mac Aoidh

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Drumkerl | The Schools’ Collection

Archival Reference

The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0970, Page 228

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The whips that were made long ago, were not like the ones that are now made. The old whips were made from rushes. The lash of the whip was made from three pleated rushes. The butt of the whip was made from rushes. The white ends of the rushes were put together, and tied with a strong string. A long rush was twisted around it, and this was called a loaden butt.

Mary Fitzpatrick

Long ago, people made whips, from rushes and from a straight piece of ash. The piece of ash was peeled. The rushes were plucked, and hung up to dry. A hole was bored in one end of the piece of ash, and two ozs. of lead was put into it The people called this a loaden butt. The lash was then fastened to the butt. Another local name for the whip was "the cat of nine tails.