School: Drumkerl

Drumkerril, Co. Cavan
Ml. Mac Aoidh

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Local Marriage Customs - Runaways

Archival Reference

The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0970, Page 189

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"Runaways" was the jolliest form pf the happy couple coming together. But that is now condemned by the church. The man met his "intended" by appointment and the both went to a friends hose. All the friend's and well wishers went and bought a big bottle of whiskey. Every boy was supposed to bring a girl with him, to the house, in which the intended couple were.
The good old dame in that house, put on a pan of bacon, and eggs and everyone enjoyed a good meal. Then the bottles of whiskey were produced, and each and everyone, drank a toast to the "intended" couple. The spree oftened lasted for a night and day. The 'intended" brides father, if by any chance, he is a generous man, might come along and keep the spree up for a second night.

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Maureen Reilly