School: Drumkerl

Drumkerril, Co. Cavan
Ml. Mac Aoidh

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The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0970, Page 177

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Page 177
Tradition differs as to the name of the local saint. St. Mogue is generally regarded as being the local saint, whilst the local abbey was called St. Mary's Abbey- and traditionally supposed to have been founded by St. Columcille.

St. Mogue's Well.
This is situated in Derrintinney along the old lane leading into Mr. McHugh's land- is shallow in nature, and local tradition asserts that a pilgrimage was held to it in bygone years. The Cure of Derub in cattle is associated with this well. See Page 3, Paragraph 3.
Tobar Padraick.
This is situated along the byroad leading through Drumbo in southern part of Kildallon parish. There are fourteen steps leading down to it and is walled and shallow. At the back of it is situated a mass-garden,which harboured priests etc. in penal days. Pilgrimages are supposed to have been to this well on 17th March.
There was an old fair held in Milltown on St. Stephen's Day.
An old friar is said to have lived in Cloncose belonging to some order, probably as tradition asserts, the White Friars. His name was Mac Grauth (probably the Irish from MacPair. A priest lived in the same place in later days, and a palm tree, which is supposed to have been transplanted from

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