School: Derryvoney

Derryvony, Co. Cavan
Mary Ní Néill

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Derryvoney | The Schools’ Collection

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The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0970, Page 029

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2) The cure for Heartburn. To eat a daisy leaf at the begining of the year.
3) The cure for a burn.Planting leaf cures a burn
4) The cure for bleeding at nose. Foxtongue cures bleeding at the nose.
5) The cure for flukes. Malefern cures flukes in cattle.
6) The cure for cold. Mullein cures colds.
7) The cure for toothache. Southernwood cures toothache.
8) Cure for dropsy. Mustard seed cures dropsy
9) Cure for jaundice. St Johns wort cure the jaundice
10) Cure for kidneys. Butcherbrom cures the kidneys
11) Cure for weak blood. Burdock seed cures weak blood
12) Cure for Diarrhoea Rhubarb root cures diarrhoea.