School: Tiercahan

Tircahan, Co. Cavan
P. Ó Riain

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Tiercahan | The Schools’ Collection

Archival Reference

The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0968, Page 390

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The mother used to dress the baby to send it out to be baptised, and she was at her work as usual its second day. If she happened to go out of the house and lave the baby alone she stuck a needle in its dress or else put the tongs over the cradle.
When the water was being poured on the child's head, it is a good sign if it roars and cries, as this is a sign that it will be a long liver. If it does not cry there is a danger that it will die early in life.

In olden times people did not like to see girl babies. They all wanted sons.
Girls were supposed to be a burden to their parents, and to be useless. This is all changed now in this district.

When a person died all the neighbours gathered into the house. The house would be filled with people day and night with the corpse would leave the house after two night waking. Every one would get tea at the wake and two glasses of whiskey '' that is if the corpse was getting a decent burial. ''
If he was not people only got one glass. Games were played at the wake, there was

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