School: Uragh (B.)

Uragh, Co. Cavan
S. Ó Connachtáin

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Uragh (B.) | The Schools’ Collection

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The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0968, Page 202

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gap of Gleann Gaible bearing a Gaelic inscription inviting wayfarers to repair to his house for free entertainment.

In 1298, when Brian Bréagac McGovern, chief of Tullyhaw, was slain by Hugh Breffney O' Connor, Thady O Dolan, chief of McGoverns Galloglasses was held a hostage by the O Connors. After his release it is said that he entered a monastery and remained there for the rest of his life.
In ancient times the O Dolans were eminent among the poets and historians of Tullyhaw and Leitrim.
Their coat of arms, like that of the McGovern clan bears a tree in full foliage.
History of the McGovern clan (continued).
In 1277 Teallach Eochaidh figured prominently in our annals. At that time Fergal McGovern, chief of Tullyhaw, ordered every able-bodied man in his territory to assemble at the hill of Peadar-a-Vohers.
From this historic spot he started out for the battlefield of Mohill where he defeated the Leitrim chief, Connor MacDorchaidh.
A story six centuries old is told by Thomas McGovern, a chief of Tullyhaw. It is said that he made a prisoner of the great Teighe O Connor of Connaught better known as Bratach Fighinn (of the firm standard). The ambitious McGovern refused to liberate the chieftain until he

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