School: Uragh (B.)

Uragh, Co. Cavan
S. Ó Connachtáin

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Uragh (B.) | The Schools’ Collection

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The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0968, Page 199

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The McGoverns are of the Brun race and are descended from Brian (son of the monarch of all Ireland, Eochaidh Muighe Meadhoin) first King of Connaught of the Hy Neill sept and eldest brother of Naill of the Nine Hostages, who is number 81 on the O Neill of Tyrone pedigree.

They were chieftains of the ancient territory of Teallach Eochaidh - now the Barony of Tullyhaw. It was also known as The kingdom of Glangevlin and is about sixteen miles in length and seven in width (Irish measure). It included the present parishes of Drumreilly, Kinawley and Tomregan.
In the historical tracts of Sir John Davies it is said that when Sir John Perrot converted
''O' Reillie's Country into the present County Cavan in 1584 he left the wild and barren tract of land owned by the sept McGovern untouched and subject, as before, to the exactions of the chief. It had been maintained, however, that Perrot was afraid to interfere with Tullyhaw as the place was so well suited to native warfare.
The annals prove that the McGovern clan was independent of that of O Reilly as it was stated that McGovern paid a separate tribute to the Ard Rí, and it was often bigger than that paid by O Reilly

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