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Miss R. Milliken

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Signs of the Weather

Archival Reference

The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0968, Page 190

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There are a lot of signs of the weather that people believe in. Some of them are:

When the cat sits with her back to the fire and the soot begins to fall down from the chimney it is a sign of rain.
When there is going to be good weather the swallow flies high in the air but when it is going to rain she flies low. When there is going to be thunder the duck stands on her one leg and when there is going to be wind she flaps her wings and makes an awful noise.
The animals know when there is going to be a storm because they stand with their back to a bush.
There is going to be good weather when the wind comes from the North but when it comes from the East there is going to be a storm and when the gulls fly about on the land it is the sign of storm. If the sky is red in the evening when the sun has set it will be good weather but if the smoke goes up straight it will rain. When there is blue in the fire there will be frost and when the cricket sings there is going to be good weather.

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