School: Béal Átha Conaill (C.)

Ballyconnell, Co. Cavan
Mary Mulligan
The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0968, Page 147

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The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0968, Page 147

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    Hidden Treause
    About the middle of the last century (1850) a man in the vicinity of Ballyconnell dreamt of a pot of gold hidden beneath a "lone" bush in the centre of what is known as the Druid's Altar or the Giant's grave in the townland of Aughrim.
    To find this treasure he was to call at the above mentioned spot accompanied by a neighbouring man whom he saw in his dream.
    On their arrival they were to be met by a very handsome man in clerical attire, and a beautiful head of golden hair and wearing a girdle studded with diamonds.
    The man on dreaming of the hidden treasure three times in succession acquainted the pal of his dreams and they arranged to meet at the particular spot at twelve o'clock on the following night where the treasure lay.
    They met the man of their dreams who spoke in a language which they did not understand, and with a golden satire he pointed to the spot where the treasure lay.
    After half an hour's time digging they discovered a small pot of gold which they divided amongst the neighbours and they all lived happily ever after. This pot is still in the possession of the
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        1. folk belief (~2,535)
          1. treasure legends (~7,411)
    Mr P. Gallen
    Aughrim, Co. Cavan