School: Béal Átha Conaill (C.)

Ballyconnell, Co. Cavan
Mary Mulligan
The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0968, Page 097

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The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0968, Page 097

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    Ghost Story.
    In the townland of Carrowmore not far from where I live there is a hole known as Poll-na-Cróna. It is supposed that gold was dug there and that it was taken to the river and washed. It was called the Miner's Ford.
    In Poll-na-Cróna grew a whitethorn bush. On the night of the Big Wind in January 1839, a man living a few fields from the hole, cut down the bush, and tied it to a stack of straw to keep it from blowing away.
    In the morning when he went out the straw was burned to ashes, but there wasn't a leaf touched on the bush. He brought it back to the hole, placed it on the stump and fastened it with clay and it grew together again. It was there forty years ago. It was a "lone" bush.
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    1. genre
      1. weather-lore (~6,442)
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      1. supernatural and legendary beings (~14,864)
    Mr J. O' Reilly
    Ballyconnell, Co. Cavan