School: Béal Átha Conaill (2)

Ballyconnell, Co. Cavan
M. Laing

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Local Heroes

Archival Reference

The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0968, Page 026

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Local Heroes

Thomas William Corcoran Ballyconnell jumped a river fifteen feet wide.
Benny Kelly Ballyconnell could dance, play a fiddle and sing at the same time.
Patrick Battles walked from Belfast to Ballyness in a day and a night.
Over a hundred years ago there was a man named Henry Sheridan Tiegormley Belturbet. Co Cavan who walked to Dublin. He only was one mile out of Belturbet when the sun was rising and he was in Dublin when it was setting.
There was a man named Willie Walker in Ballyconnell Co Cavan not many years ago, and he was only a very small man and he could lift a man twelve stone weigh by means of a belt round the waist.
There is a man named William Graham, in Ballyconnell end of Fermanagh, who was able to lift a mowing machine or a metal roller eight hundred weight. This man is still alive and he is about eighty six years old.
There is a man named William Morton Clincollow Ballyconnell, Co. Cavan who was able to carry a plough from one town-land to an other which is a distance of one mile.

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