School: Munlough

Munlough North, Co. Cavan
D. Brady

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Munlough | The Schools’ Collection

Archival Reference

The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0964, Page 171

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blood and sweet milk. Anyone that would not give him the bullocks or the sweet milk he would take them by force. Then he would take the people in a barrel. He would also drive spikes into the barrel. When the barrel would be closed he would bring them to the top of Toneyhallow hill behind Templeport hall. Then he would hurl the people up and down until he would think they would be dead. When he would open the barrel if the people were not dead, he would take them to a hang, tree. He used to put the people under terrible torture. He used to put them in a big box that there would be a hole for their head to go out in. Then he would strap their hands to the edges of the box and leave their feet hanging down in the box. They would have to hang there. They would be suffering intense pain. About two or three years ago, the people found a golden collar in a sand pit near the castle. They sent it to the Museum in Dublin to be preserved.

Francis Maguire
Clontycarnaghan, Co. Cavan