School: Munlough

Munlough North, Co. Cavan
D. Brady

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The Shrine of Bell Of Moaedhog

Archival Reference

The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0964, Page 166

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The Shrine of Bell was presented to Saint Mogue by Saint Callin of Fenagh on the occasion of his baptism. The hereditary custodians of the Shrine was the Magaurans of Bawnboy. When all that family dies the Shrine was given to Kellegher and he sold it to the Rev. Beresford. The Rev. Beresford gave the Shrine to the Library of Armagh where it is still in a good state of preservation. The bell was kept in the Shrine. Saint Mogue used to call the people to prayer with the bell. The bell was also used for swearing oaths on and anyone who swore a false oath on the bell brought down the wrath of God. They also commited the grave sin of perjury. The shrine is still to be seen in the Library of Armagh. Some pieces of the bell is to be seen. The top part of the Shrine is gone. The height of the Shrine is nine inches and it is seven inches by five broad. It is decorated with gold and silver ornaments. There are gold bands on it. It is made of bronze. Saint Mogue give the Shrine and bell to the Parish of Templeport. The Rev. Beresford was the Landlord of Templeport. He owned Munlough National School.

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