School: Tomena

Gortullaghan, Co. Cavan
T. Mac Uidhir

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Local Roads

Archival Reference

The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0963, Page 437

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There are very few roads now that have not a name. They get their names according to the time they were made or where they are. Some of them are The new road. The mill road. The bog road. The long lane. The centre lane. The old road. The mountain road. The new road is leading from Swanlinbar to Bawnboy. At the time the new road was made, there were not many tarred roads, and when it was tarred the people called it '' the new road '' or sometimes the '' new line. ''
The mill road is a by road off the new road. It branches off near a house belonging to Mr. Dolan.
It is called the mill road because there is a mill near it which was working some years ago but it is not working now. The bog road is another by road, it joins the Killadubh road which leads to Swanlinbar, and another part to Bawnboy. It goes through a bog and that is why it is called the bog road. The long lane is a by road off the Killadubh road. It goes through the Finaghoe mountain. It is called the Long Lane because it is so long. The centre lane is a by road off the mill road which goes through the townlands of Drumcannon, Drumcar and Drumcullion. It goes through the centre of Drumcullion and that is why it is called the centre lane. The Glan road

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Marie Gilheany
Drumcullion, Co. Cavan