School: Tomena

Gortullaghan, Co. Cavan
T. Mac Uidhir

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St Mogue the Patron Saint of Templeport

Archival Reference

The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0963, Page 403

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St Mogue was born on Inch Island in Templeport lough. His father was a prince and his mother was a slave. When Mogue was born a bright star was seen over his father's home
Next day Mogue's mother wanted to get the child baptised. The men were all out fishing with the boats. The women looked and saw a priest dressed in white walking along the shore. The priest told the woman to send over the child and he would baptise the child. The woman put the child on a stone and gave it a push and it reached the priest. He baptised the child and sent him back. He grew up, and became very notable.
He had another brother, who was older than him. He was to suceed his father when when he would be dead, but Mogue would not be Prince of Breffni. He would rather be a priest.
Later he became a St. He went to other countries and founded monastries in them.
He founded a monastery at Ferns in Co. Wicklow and another at Rossinver. It is at Rossinver that he was buried. He was a very notable St. and worked many miracles.

x When Mogue's mother told the priest the men had not come back from fishing he said '' That they may never come back '' and they never did

Mrs O' Reilly
Gortmore, Co. Cavan