School: Currin

Corran, Co. Cavan
Liam Ó Léighinn

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Currin | The Schools’ Collection

Archival Reference

The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0963, Page 311

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There is an old castle in Lisanover castle. One of the walls are to be seen yet. There is a tree growing at the Castle called the Gallows tree and it is said that people were hanged on it. There is a wall beside the castle.

One time when the castle was been built the people had to give their new milk and bullocks blood to wet the mortar. If they did not give it they would be hanged. This castle was owned by a king called McGovern.
One time King McGovern fought a battle with the king of Connact and they had bulls fighting in the battle. King McGovern's bull was killed by the Connacht King's bull and king McGovern took it as a bad omen buried his gold and fled. Humes was the king that came after McGovern. The (king) last Landlord that lived in the castle was Lord Inglesb. He was a very cruel Lord he evicted all Catholics out of their lands.
Here are some stories about the kings of the castle. Their lived a brother of King McGovern up in Ballymacgovern and he

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Mr Mc Teggart
Lissanover, Co. Cavan