School: Tullybrack

Tullybrack, Co. Cavan
F. Maguire

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The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0963, Page 034

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All the stories were much the same as the above. None of the men had talked with the fairy nor had any of them waited to get a close view of her. This seems a pity, but it can't be helped.
The belief in the bean Sí still persists.
Just two more accounts of her:
One of them is from my brother Rev. J.J. Maguire C.S.S.p. Pittsburg.
He did his studies in America-Ferndale.
There was another girl student there and the student's mother was ill away at home in Ireland.
They were walking round the grounds one Winter's evening and the student suddenly asked my brother '' Did you hear it? ''
But my brother had heard nothing.
'' It was the bean Sí said the student and that means my mother has
just died.
When the news came from Ireland it was just so.
The second story is only of yesterday.
Around Christmas 1936. John Francis heard the bean Sí in Derryvella. It was

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F. Maguire
Tullybrack, Co. Cavan