School: Tullybrack

Tullybrack, Co. Cavan
F. Maguire

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Tullybrack | The Schools’ Collection

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The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0963, Page 027

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This belief is everywhere around here.
There are '' stray sods ''
When a person is out at night if he stands on such a sod he goes astray and loses all idea of direction so that he wanders hopelessly around generally till morning.

Sometimes in his wanderings he may reach a road or house and then he is all right.
It is helpful, if such should happen to you, to take off your coat and turn it inside out and wear it thus.
That is the only hope of undoing the charm.
Tom Dolan of Altaturham stood on a ''stray sod one evening when he was searching for his cattle.
Next evening he was out wandering around Florence court some 14 miles away.
The '' Stray

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F. Maguire
Tullybrack, Co. Cavan