School: Brittas, Wicklow

Brittas, Co. Wicklow
Áine Ní Laidhigh

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Brittas, Wicklow | The Schools’ Collection

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The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0926, Page 090

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fairy would look for a ragweed and change it into a horse to bring him home, but when he would get down off the horse, he would be very nervous of going out at night in the future.
Docks are a good cure for a nettle sting. Rub the dock leaf on the blisters and the pain will go.
Nettles are good for young turkeys. They are cut up very small and put in the feeding. They are also good for people as they purify the blood.
Penny leaves are a cure for consumption. They are green leaves the size and shape of a penny. That is how they get their name.
The leaves of the coltsfoot dried and rolled into cigarettes for smoking are good for asthma, catarrh and other lung troubles.
Dandelion roots stewed, strained and the juice drunk is a good cure for Liver or Kidney disorder.
Horehound mixed with honey is good for coughs, colds, and all lung troubles.
The water in which marigold leaves are boiled, cures measles.

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Nancy Griffin