School: Kilmacoo, Avoca

Kilmacoo, Co. Wicklow
Bean Uí Chosgair

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Local Fairs

Archival Reference

The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0925, Page 373

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Many fairs are held in this district. They are all monthly fairs. The names of the places where they are held are Avoca. Al. Arklow. Aughrim. Rathdrum and Wicklow.

The Avoca fair is held on the street. It starts at Mr Johnsons shop and ends opposite the station The beasts that are sold and bought in the fairs are cattle. horses. sheep. pigs. calves, and bons.
The cattle. horses. sheep and calves are generally kept in the yard near the station. and the pigs and bons are kept on the street in creels The Aughrim fair is also hald on the street.
The Rathdrum fair is held on the fair green It is a very good thing to have a fair green or a field for the fair. There are two greens one for the cattle. horses. sheep. and calves. and another for the pigs. and bons The small calves. the pigs and the bons are brough to the fair in creels.

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Josie Pyne