School: Conary, Avoca

Connary Upper, Co. Wicklow
Mrs. Lowry

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Conary, Avoca | The Schools’ Collection

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The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0925, Page 053

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When the Copper Mines were working years ago a great market (The Rock Market) used to be held every week at the White Bridge. People used to come from miles around to attend this market. Copper coins used to be made in the Cronebane mines. The miners used to be paid with these coins and they used to carry their wages home in bags. These coins were also used for buying and selling purposes at the Market.
Wm Lowry Avoca

These is a green grass patch in front of Moore's lower shop near the White Bridge. Cock fighting used to be held there. Crowds used to meet there and several prize fighting cocks used to be brought to fight.
Denis Byrne The Meetings Avoca

Mr Gahan's house called Kingston between the Meeting of the Waters and Rathdrum, is said to be haunted.There are rooms in it that have never been entered for a number of years. There is a stone in a field

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Mrs Newman
Avoca, Co. Wicklow