School: Carysfort, Arklow

Arklow, Co. Wicklow
T. E. McAdoo
The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0923, Page 110

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The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0923, Page 110

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  1. Birds
    The thrush, blackbird, Robin, sparrow and wren are birds I have seen around my house. Some of the birds that migrate to warmer countries in the winter and return to us in spring are the swallow and the cuckoo.
    A bird who has come to us from warmer parts of the world is the redstart. The male has a reddish breast like that of a Robin, but the female is browner. They both have red tails. Their nest is shallow, woven lightly with grass, roots and Moss and is lined with hair and feathers.It is sometimes built in withered bracken but frequently the bird chooses holes in trees or old walls for its home.
    We cannot get a close view of shallows as they fly so swiftly. Many persons have a difficulty in distinguishing the swallow from the swift as their flying habits are similar. They both have very long wings. The swift has a shirt, broad tail while the shallows tail is long and slender. Except for the white patch on his throat the swift is much of the same sooty. Hue
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    Olive Kinch
    Arklow, Co. Wicklow