School: Aughrim (B.)

Aughrim, Co. Wicklow
Tomás Ó Hoichir
The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0921, Page 133

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The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0921, Page 133

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  1. Another Version by Edward Moules,
    Killacloran, Aughrim,
    Co. Wicklow.
    My home district is Killacloran. It is in the Parish of Annacurra. There are about sixty families in it. The family that is most common is the O'Neill family.
    The houses in the parish are all slated. There are a lot of old people living in the parish. Some are up to seventy, others are eighty. they can tell stories in English. Some of the old men are Patrick Fox, Patrick Hamilton and James Butler. The houses around Killacloran are the same as they were in olden times. People went to London, America, and to several other places in former years. This locality is not mentioned in any song. The land is hilly and not boggy and is good land. Beside the main road there are a lot of woods. Some are a half mile long, others are not so long. One is known as "the dark wood". There is a river flowing through the townland and is known as "the Derry". People come every summer to this river to fish.
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    Killacloran, Co. Wicklow
    Edward Moules
    Killacloran, Co. Wicklow