School: Aughrim (B.)

Aughrim, Co. Wicklow
Tomás Ó Hoichir
The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0921, Page 130

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The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0921, Page 130

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  3. XML “Travelling Folk”

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  1. Travelling Folk usually visit our part of the country. Not so very long ago a party came to the Village. Murphy was their name. They were nice young men. They go around begging for money, eggs, tea, suggar, and other things. They are well satisfied when they get money. They sell tie-pins, common pins, tin-cans, hair-pins, and combs. There was a family of Brians. They were nice also. They only come when they are going and coming from fairs. There were also others around the Village but I dont know their names. They sell tommy-cans, and other things. Not so very long ago there was a family named O'Donnell who used come here and sell hair-pins, roses, tie-pins, combs, brushes and other things.
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    1. agents (~1)
      1. people by social grouping
        1. travellers (~3,023)
    Liam O' Brien
    Tinnakilly Lower, Co. Wicklow