School: Ballycreen, Aughrim

Ballycreen Lower, Co. Wicklow
Nóra Ní Dhonnchadha

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Local Forges

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The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0921, Page 070

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Local Forges
There are two forges in Aughrim. The smith's names are Mr Mick Caulfield and Mr David Traynor. Mr Traynor's father and grandfather were smiths. Mr Caulfield's father was also a smith.
Lord Meath built Caulfield's forge in 1841. It is situated beside the Aughrim river. It has a slated roof. The door is of a horse-shoe shape. There is only one fire-place in it The bellows is a large one, made of leather It is blown by a long stick and a chain It is an old fashioned bellows It is about four feet long.
When the smith is shoeing he used a sledge, a hammer, a vice, a rasp, a punch, pinchers, and a tongs. He shoes donkeys, ponies, and horses.
The smith sometimes makes farm implements such as: ploughs

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Eddie O' Byrne
Cronawinnia, Co. Wicklow