School: Rathmeage, Hackettstown

Rathmeague, Co. Wicklow
Pádraig Ó Tuathail

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Rathmeage, Hackettstown | The Schools’ Collection

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The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0920, Page 239

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way you wont tell a lie you can be cutting it to morrow Darra Deel put out his head + said yesterday yesterday follow on follow on he walked about a mile to a farmers house which he saw a sow rooting in the dunghill which our lord got into the whole + covered himself up with the dung + a hen came the way and scraped off the covers of the Lord let the Jews see him again + there fore the sow has no pain giving birth to a young one which our Lord took the pain off the sow and put the pain on the hen laying her egg.

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One day as a man was going to Hacketstown...

One day as a man was going to Hacketstown, he saw a woman as he was going up into Hacketstow at the millspout as it is called. She was pushing the froth off of the water with her hands and said as she did so, milk milk come to me all the mill come to me, and half of it to me said the man. When he went home his cow was at the gate waiting to get milked. He went in and ate his dinner. Then he went out out to milk the cow. He filled buckets and everything about the house that would be able to hold milk, and the cow had as much milk as would fill as much more things.

Brigidh Ní Stanlaig
Laurence Whelan
Knockanooker Lower, Co. Wicklow

One morning very early as a man was going out to bring in his cows to milk them. He saw all the cattle

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