School: Rathmeage, Hackettstown

Rathmeague, Co. Wicklow
Pádraig Ó Tuathail

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Rathmeage, Hackettstown | The Schools’ Collection

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The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0920, Page 220

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One night a woman was coming home from Moyne.

One night a woman was comming home from Moyne.

That time the people had to go to Moyne for the letters & this night the woman had to wait till the letters would come in. Betty O Toole was her name. As she was comming down Kavanagh hill she saw a man comming up the hill. She thought it was a man by the name of Pat Neill who used to ramble to Kavanagh every night. She said to him is that you Pat & she got no answer so he lit a fire & it kept getting bigger & bigger & she sat down by the ditch & she could see the big tall man all the time, comming nearer to morning she saw the fire getting smaller & at daylight the man went away & wen she go up to go home she saw that the clamp of turf was there still.

Laurence Whelan
Knockanooker Lower, Co. Wicklow

A long time ago there were people in Aughavanagh & their cows stopped milking. They knew that some body had took their profit.They knew a man that used to get back the the profit & they sent for him. So he came that night. The man of the house stayed up with him & about 12 o clock they heard noise in the yard. The man asked the other man did he ever see the fairies. The man of the

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