School: Ballinacarrig, Rathdrum

Ballinacarrig Lower, Co. Wicklow
Bean Uí Dhubhghoill
The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0918, Page 192

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The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0918, Page 192

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  1. Lord Meath was the local landlord for this district.
    The Meath family had been resident in the district for many years or Centuries.
    They were considered good.
    No evictions or plantings were carried out.
    They built bungalows of Swiss style for their tenants.
    They gave a feast to all the school children every year.
    There were 4 of these style of house in view of the school.
    Lord Fitzwilliam is the landlord in the town of Rathdrum.
    His family were also regarded as a good family & they were very good to the tenants.
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      1. land management (~4,110)