School: Ballinacarrig, Rathdrum

Ballinacarrig Lower, Co. Wicklow
Bean Uí Dhubhghoill
The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0918, Page 183

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The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0918, Page 183

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  1. There are tinkers that go round from one district to another selling and buying things. They sell delph, strainers and other household goods.
    The names of the different families in this district in years back, are Cooneys, Dorans, Cash, Barry's, Connors, Reids, Mauhans, Murphy, Brians, Loughlin, Lyons.
    They buy rabbit skins, and they are always looking for horse hair.
    They make and sell tin cans.
    When they come to the door they not all ask for one thing but sometimes, their wants amount out to dozens.
    Gipsies also travel about. They stay in vans. They usually sell lace, little fancy tables that they make themselves.
    Tinkers are not allowed to live under carts at night they must have caravans.
    Gipsies tell fortunes and if people are foolish enough the cross their palms with silver.
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