School: Talbotstown, Kiltegan

Talbotstown Upper, Co. Wicklow
R. Mac Icidhe

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Tobar an Teampaill

Archival Reference

The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0917, Page 178

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This well is situated about a mile to the north of Rathdangan. This is the real pronounciation as far as I am aware, because a little to the north of it is pointed out what is supposed to be a place where once a church stood. There are no traces or mounds to mark the spot.
The well is just a hole in the ground not far from a mountain stream which divides the townlands of Cornaan and Cranareen. The site of this old church is in the townland of Cranareen. There is a graveyard, at this spot, which is still in use.
In the graveyard is a stone trough, resembling a font, which his said to be never without water, even in the very driest summer.
The water is said to have the power of curing headaches, vomiting, and that warts begin to disappear immediately the water from this font is applied to them.