School: Valleymount

Valleymount, Co. Wicklow
Dll. Ó Cochláin

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Valleymount | The Schools’ Collection

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The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0917, Page 040

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39. Smoke:- When the smoke comes down the chimney.

40. Wild Geese:- When wild geese go to the mountains.
41. Sky:- When the sky lies on the mountain i.e. the horizon is very low.

1. When the sky is high i.e. no clouds in the sky.

2. Wild Geese:- When wild geese come off the hills and go to the sea.
3. Sky:- When the sky is very blue in the evening.
4. Mountain Goats:- When goats go back to the hills.
5. Dew:- When there is a heavy dew at night.
6. Horses:- Horses go up the hills.
7. Swallows:- Swallows fly high.
8. Crane:- When the crane comes down from the hills and goes to the sea.
9. Frogs:- The frogs sleep in fine weather. The crane follows the cows in fine weather to catch the frogs because the frogs jump from the cows and the crane catches them. In wet weather the frogs are always

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