School: Valleymount

Valleymount, Co. Wicklow
Dll. Ó Cochláin

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Local Ruins

Archival Reference

The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0917, Page 016

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Local Ruins
The most ancient ruins around here, are the Old Chapel, and the Sweat House.
Both are situated in Carrigacurra, a couple of miles from Valleymount, but very little remains of them now, to indicate that a chapel once stood there, except the traditional name.
Long ago, when there was no chapel in Valleymount Mass was celebrated there. It was probably during the time of the Penal Days, when the Priests were not allowed, but severely punished, for celebrating Mass and administering other religious duties. The priests used be hunted to these desolate places.
Nothing remains of the Old Chapel but the ruined walls, which are broken down to about a foot from the ground, as the people that lived near its surroundings, took to their homes, any little memento, that remained there in expectation of luck.
The Sweat House is nearly completely concealed. It is built square, on the outside, and circular inside, and roofed with long flags, but the grass now grows on top of it, similar to a ditch and thus leaves it very hard to concern. There is an exit on top, to let the smoke escape. The Sweat House is about three feet in height, and four feet in length. In former days it is said, there was a cure

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Maisie Mahon
Lockstown Lower, Co. Wicklow