School: Donard

Donard, Co. Wicklow
T. Moynihan

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Sheep-Farming in West Wicklow

Archival Reference

The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0914, Page 013

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The Fair of Rathsallagh

The sheep year may be said to begin with the Fair of Rathsallagh on the 4th Sept each year. Rathsallagh [was] is about 2 miles South West of Dunlavin and 6 miles from Donard. For a week before this fair the "Mountain Men" are busy collecting from the mountains selecting in the pens and "dressing" (powdering with Bog mould) (and levelling the wool) the ewes (yós) for this fair.
Every sheep farmer tries to turn out a "Score" of yós. He is a proud man who heads the market as there are about 140 sheep farmers from the Glen Imall and neighbourhood and as their yós realise about £30 to £35 per score.
(£4200) one can imagine

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