School: Donard

Donard, Co. Wicklow
T. Moynihan

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The Ruins on Church Mountain

Archival Reference

The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0914, Page 006

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Church mountain lies about three miles north east from Donard Village. On its summit is the ruins of an ancient Church with a Holy Well in the centre of the pile of round unhewn granite stones. The well was reached by 2 or 3 stone steps (when I saw it). The water came up from the ground on one side and went on under the ground. The well is fed from a (pond) higher and about a Hundred yards to the S. East.

It is said the church was built by St.palladius
in the 6th century. The Patron or Pattern Day was 15th August each year. At any time Patients visit the Holy Well and when cured by it's healing water they leave souvenirs in acknowledgement. Many souvenirs were to be seen when I visited.

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John Doyle
Ballymooney, Co. Wicklow