School: Powerscourt

Powerscourt Demesne, Co. Wicklow
P. Steere

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Powerscourt | The Schools’ Collection

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The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0913, Page 108

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Between this cromlech and the top of Knockree there is a 'Giant's Stone' which has not a flaw in it.

It is said that the druids used worship here and here too Kings held council when forming up and making a drive to the top of the hill and down the far side and then up the valley to a fort.
Those taking part went on foot and horseback and it is said they went that route up to 30 years ago.
Old people said they heard them regularly. Two men told J- S- that they used see bright lights under this cromlech.
The horses made a great noise galloping over the rocky hill and down by Lacken.

The wood of Lacken situated on the hill was replanted with young trees 80 years ago but after two years the ghostly route was mysteriously burned from the top to the bottom of the hill. Not a tree grew till it was replanted again 5 years ago.
[?] (says Mr J- S-) that half of the trees

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John Sutton
Curtlestown Lower, Co. Wicklow