School: St. Cronan's, Bray

Bray, Co. Wicklow
Patrick Mac Donnell

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The Mermaid

Archival Reference

The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0912, Page 055

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About two miles from Ennis in the County Clare there is a lake called Newhall Lake in which there used to be a mermaid. Not far away from the lake there is an old castle and a little bit away there is a graveyard called Newhall Graveyard. In this graveyard, the man, who lived in the castle, had cellars in which he stored wine. Every night the mermaid used to get into the cellars and drink some of the wine. The man missed his wine so one night he hid and watched. The mermaid, suspecting no evil, came as usual. The man saw her and he picked up his gun and shot her. From that day every seven years the water in the lake turns red, and if you go into the cellars on the driest day in summer there is always a drop falling from the ceiling, although there is

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Harry Parkinson
Newcourt, Co. Wicklow