School: St. Cronan's, Bray

Bray, Co. Wicklow
Patrick Mac Donnell

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Passing of Bray Landmarks

Archival Reference

The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0912, Page 044

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Within the past few weeks there have passed, virtually unnoticed, two prominent landmarks in the town of Bray. I refer to the old castle in Castle - street (now demolished) and the Royal Hotel, at present undergoing alteration. The castle, dating back for several centuries, was built near the river ford as an outpost of the Pale, and for the purposes of repelling the inoursions of the O'Tooles and O'Byrnes who, issuing from their mountain fastnesses, made periodical raids on the English settlers in Dublin. The building also served as a barrack for the Royal Irish Constabulary when stationed in Bray for the first time in 1836. The Royal Hotel, known formerly as Quin's Hotel ( hence Quinsboro' Road) was one of the most famous hostelries outside Dublin.

Here in days of yore, visitors who wished to enjoy the scenery of county Wicklow found accomodation and secured a mode of conveyance for the journey. The hotel won a well-merited approval from Thackerary

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