School: St. Cronan's, Bray

Bray, Co. Wicklow
Patrick Mac Donnell

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Archival Reference

The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0912, Page 002

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Cats wash right over their ears when rain is coming. They also become restless and wander aimlessly about the house when a thunderstorm is brewing. The braying of a donkey is said to be a sign of rain. Before winter sets in, moles prepare a basin in which they put a quantity of earthworms. When these basins are fewer in number than usual, mole catchers say that there will be a mild winter. The field-mouse covers up its hole before the cold and frost weather comes. When sheep are grazing on a mountain they go to the side where the wind is not blowing before a gale or a storm. The reason for this is obvious. Bees are also very sensitive to weather conditions. When they go back to the hive and do not come for a while, rain is coming. Even if a cloud covers the sky the bees who are gathering honey fly quickly to the hive they are so afraid of rain. If geese (not wild ones, just ordinary ones) fly without reason rain

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Patrick Begley
Vevay Road, Co. Wicklow