School: Cill Brainis, Bun Clóidighe

Kilbrannish South, Co. Carlow
Cáit Nic an Ultaigh

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Food in Olden Times

Archival Reference

The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0911, Page 019

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Food in olden times
In olden times people had three meals a day - Breakfast, dinner, and supper. Breakfast was usually eaten about eight o'clock dinner at twelve, and supper at eight o clock in the evening.
The breakfast consisted of porridge and milk, with potatoes and milk for dinner and supper. In olden times people worked for many houses before their breakfast. They used to all sit around the table on the floor.
Sometimes the hung up the table on the wall the people usually ate wheaten bread. It was made from water and baked on a griddle. Meat was very seldom used. Salt meat was generally the meat that was used, fish eaten at the dinner.
They had no vegetables at that time. The people used to eat late at night. The people used to get some special

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Tom Foley
Craan, Co. Carlow