School: Ballon (C.)

Ballon, Co. Carlow
Miss Peppard
The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0910, Page 194

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The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0910, Page 194

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  1. Long ago various things occurred on Ballon hill. There is the ruins of a tower there still. There were kings there. People dug down and found urns. Colonel Lecky kept them, and sent them to the Museum in Dublin. These urns were buried under the ground. When people were dead, they were burned, and the ashes was put into these urns. BallonHill is very historic. There were stones there on which sacrifice was offered. It is two thousand feet above sea level. There was also a battle fought at the Burrin bridge. In Ballon in Johnny Nolan's field there is a round stone covered over with moss where sacrifice was offered. There are streaks down the sides.
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    May Brophy
    Ballon, Co. Carlow