School: Ballon (C.)

Ballon, Co. Carlow
Miss Peppard
The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0910, Page 193

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The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0910, Page 193

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  1. Folklore 15th March 1938
    Kathleen Donohoe Ballon Tullow Co Carlow
    Long ago the people were very poor in Ireland, and they could not pay money to be educated. There were no National schools, only hedge schools and everyone that could went to then to be educated. During the time of the Penal laws Catholics could get no education because they were too much kept down by the English. There was a hedge school in Connaberry long ago but now there is a house where it was. The hedge school in Connaberry was the principal school in the County Carlow in the old times.
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    Kathleen Donohoe
    Ballon, Co. Carlow