School: Clochar Bhríde, Tullow

Tullow, Co. Carlow
M. Ní Dhubháin

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Local Ruins - Coppenagh Castle

Archival Reference

The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0909, Page 012

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About three miles from Tullow there remains the ruins of an ancient castle called Coppenagh Castle. It is built of large stones, with smaller stones jutting out at intervals through it & it is completely covered with ivy & creepers.
There is an old stone stairs leading to the top. This stairs brings you out on the roof from which you can get a very fine view of the district. This castle is believed to have been built by the Danes. There is an underground passage of about 1 1/2 miles stretching to another old ruins in Ballymurphy.
At certain times in the year a woman, dressed in white & carrying a lighted candle, walks round the

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