School: Bennekerry, Carlow

Bennekerry, Co. Carlow
Liam Ó hAodha

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The Landlord

Archival Reference

The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0907, Page 442

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About thirty years ago the landlord of this district was Colonel Tighe. He lived in Inistiogue, Co Kilkenny. He was looked upon as a good landlord. Colonel Tighe never evicted anyone in this district. Cromwell gave estates to his soldiers, and that is how Tighe go property here. Long ago tithes were collected here by the Sheriff and bailifs. A tenth part of the cattle, corn, potatoes and whatever else the people possessed for the upkeep of the Protestant Minister of the district. There is a story told that twenty four men blackened their faces and met the bailifs with a lot of corn and things that they had collected from the houses. They fought with the bailifs, and killed their horses and took what they had collected.
The Sheriff and the bailifs never went out to collect after, because they were threatened by the gang, that took the things from them.

Mary Kinsella
Bennekerry, Co. Carlow