School: Bennekerry, Carlow

Bennekerry, Co. Carlow
Liam Ó hAodha

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Bennekerry, Carlow | The Schools’ Collection

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The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0907, Page 441

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other's palms to show their agreement.The buyer marks the beast with raddle. The most important fairs of the year are those of the fourth of May and the eight of December. These were known as the "Brien Fairs" as farmers used to sell their stock to enable them to pay their half year's rent.
"The 4th of May, the fair of Carlow,
I lay in the ditch until the day dawned on me,
Only for the stones of the road
The dogs would have eaten me"
This is an old rhyme about the Carlow Fair.

Long ago fairs used to be held at Benekerry Crossroads, near this school When a bargain was made the buyer and the seller would strike their hands together. The same thing is done still, at Carlow Fair. The fair is held in the town on the fourth Wednesday of every month. A toll of three pence a head has to be paid on every beast, when entering the "Fair Green".

Michael Piondar
Johnstown, Co. Carlow