School: Bennekerry, Carlow

Bennekerry, Co. Carlow
Liam Ó hAodha

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Bennekerry, Carlow | The Schools’ Collection

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The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0907, Page 398

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has a bag of papers. They drop the papers as the run along, and so the "hounds" know the road the "hares" have taken. An indoor gane we play is "X and O" We draw two parallel lines, with two others crossing them Then one person puts and "X" in one square, and the other puts an "O" in the other square. Whoever gets three "X's" or three "O's" in front of one another has the game.

"The Priest of the Parish" is a great game. As many as like can join in this game. Everyone gets a name. The leader is the priest. The next is Jack. Next is Griddle. Then there is Whole Loaf, and Half Loaf and so on. The "priest" has a strap, and starts the game by saying: "The priest of the parish has lost his hat. Some say this, and more say that, and some

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James Mc Guill
Bennekerry, Co. Carlow